The Hungarian firm of DUNAKER Company had been formed in 1986 and has now some 35 years of experience and tradition in this business. Our company is present on European markets as a manufacturer and wholesaler of forestry and wood processing industry raw products, of semi-finished timber products, and of certain finished goods.


What we at DUNAKER can offer for You?

– high quality merchandise

– a large production capacity

– skill, experience, best references in this business

– full service in completing business transactions

– timely and well-programmed delivery

– a long-term program of partnership in business

– satisfactory warranties


Why should You decide for DUNAKER as Your business partner?

– Because our business philosophy concentrates on trustworthiness and reliability.

– Because in our business relations we give priority to balancedness and permanence.

– Because for us both timeliness of delivery and friendliness in everyday business practice is of
    utmost importance.


The typical range of our products includes:

– support systems for vineyards, for orchards and vegetable gardens and for olive plantations;

– structural elements for the construction of playgrounds, landscaping and outdoor
    activity facilities;

– supply of complete playground equipment incl. PUMI-model playground installations;

– fencing posts and rails, in particular for livestock operations and family-type houses;

– sawnwood: edged and unedged board, deck board;

– interior and exterior construction wood, mainly for agricultural facilities;

– industrial wood: logs, fibrewood, pulpwood;

– solid wood flooring materials.

Date of last change: 2021-05-06